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From a client, David Y.:

You have been immensely helpful throughout this entire process. We've already recommended to friends considering a Disney vacation that they should consider booking through you. Your tips were right on, timely, and stress reducing!

It was, without a doubt, the BEST vacation we have ever taken. We truly felt like we stepped out of our lives for a week, had quality family time, had a BLAST the entire week! Such a great time!

We took lots of photos with the staff photographers. You were right, it was nice to have all six of us in each picture, and not having to ask random people that don't know how to use a camera to snap off a picture.

Again, thanks for all the time you spent sending ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and explanations. It helped us have the best vacation ever!



From a client, Jason A.:

"Magical Storybook Travels is the only agency I trust with making reservations for me and my family for our travel adventures. Nicole Thibault with Magical Storybook Travels has helped us with 2 Walt Disney trips, the first one went so well we couldn't wait until we could work together again to book our return trip back to Disney World. 

Both trips my in-laws have traveled with us and no matter how large the travel party, Nicole works diligently to make sure every little piece of our travel is worked out and everyone's needs are accommodated. This year, we've had a couple more curve balls we threw at Nicole for our trip, like finding a scooter for my mother-in-law, who just entered into remission from cancer. I would have thought, I was going to have to call all these scooter rental shops in the Orlando area, to figure out which one could do what and manage all this information for my trip. Nope, Nicole has been taking care of the legwork for us, while we figure out where to eat in Disney. 

Even more, Nicole is the only travel agent I have ever dealt with that provides concierge service via text, email or by phone while in Walt Disney World, if a problem arises or not. 

On our trip last year, Nicole was able to provide us with a great alternative while we were in Disney Hollywood Studios. My son, who is on the Autism Spectrum was working through a 2-hour meltdown and Nicole was able to provide some options of quiet areas in the park, that we could take him to that might get him to calm down. 

This is a priceless value add for us as a family since traveling with a child on the spectrum, there a wide variety of triggers that may arise on any given day and to have someone available with the wealth of knowledge about Disney World that Nicole has; really helped us out on our trip last year --- it saved us that day!"


An email from a client, Joe V.:

First off, thank you for the help planning, all the information about the DAS (Disability Assistance Pass), the dining plan, Memory Maker, etc. Thanks for answering our questions when we got there as well! We absolutely loved the Tree House Villas. The separate bedrooms and dining / living room made it so much easier for us with everyone's different schedules. The washer and dryer really helped as well - we didn't need to pack clothes for the whole trip as we could easily do wash each night/morning. We enjoyed everywhere we ate, but the character dinners were the best.  It really was a great trip. We had very few problems with any of our children. They certainly got tired and cranky at times, but that is the joy of any vacation. Our youngest who is has ASD is obsessed with Mickey and he was so happy at every Mickey greeting. Certainly a memorable trip for everyone. 


A message from Bethany C., a client with a child with Autism:

I'm so grateful to Nicole Thibault for her expertise and guidance on helping me make a Disney vacation a successful experience for our family! I highly recommend working with her to learn the trade secrets of navigating the parks with our kids. Nothing like coming from a professional that is also a parent. 


An email from Aimee O, a client with children with Autism and a family member in a wheelchair:

AWESOME is the only way to say it.  Wow, did we ever have a great time.  And I have to give a standing ovation to Disney for their wheelchair accommodations, all cast members, everything.... We had an easy time with the DAS (Disability Access Service card) and the only “complaints” were the heat (of course) and two heavy downpours, but that’s out of our hands and did not really make that much of a problem.... Five stars all around.  And!  We got to visit Hollywood Studios after all!  We didn’t think we’d have time, but we did, so we got in our three attractions there (Indiana Jones, Muppets & Classic Movie Ride) before it rained too hard.

It ran smoothly because we had a great travel agent, Nicole, and that’s no exaggeration.  It could have been overwhelming but we felt grounded, prepared and ready.  It was truly MAGICAL.  A standing ovation to you, too!

Again- THANK YOU!  This was truly epic.

Now if only coming home was just as much fun, right????