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Why Use a Travel Agent?

Why should I use a Travel Agent?

1) Your Travel Agent is your advisor. Your destination counselor. I can provide you with first-hand knowledge of destinations and experiences. I can also provide you with other guest's testimonials about your chosen destination.

2) If you book on your own, you are ON YOUR OWN. But if you book through Magical Storybook Travels, and have a question while on vacation, CALL ME! TEXT ME! EMAIL ME! I am here for you, to answer all of your burning vacation questions. "Help! I'm stuck in line for 'It's a Small World' and think I may be late to my reservation at Be Our Guest for dinner. Can you call them and them know we will be 10 minutes late?" Sure, I can do that.  "Where at my resort can I use the refillable drink mugs?" I can tell you that. "My child is melting down, and I need to get him to a quiet place, where can we go?" I can tell you that.

3) A Travel Agent provides more than just quotes. I assist with all facets of your travel experience! I can provide travel tips and tricks. Assistance with itinerary planning. Restaurant recommendations. Alert you when Special Offers become available.

4) Travel Agents know exactly when a Special Offer becomes available to guests. Say you've booked a vacation package to your favorite destination, and a Special Offer becomes available, after you've booked your trip. As your Travel Agent, I contact you to let you know that you may qualify for the offer, then call the destination to apply it to your vacation package. Once it's been applied, a refund for the difference will be credited to your card. You don't have to do anything, the Travel Agent does all of that for you, and saves you money!

5) A Travel Agent's services are invaluable. If it doesn't cost you any extra to make use of Magical Storybook Travel's services, why would you ever book a vacation on your own?

Call Magical Storybooks Travel or visit our Services page to learn more about the great benefits of booking with us. Our services are free to you, and the benefits are immeasurable.