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Summer Vacation Excitement

Nicole Thibault

Spring is in the air, and the school year will soon be coming to a close.  It's almost time for SUMMER VACATION!

Do you remember your summer vacations as a child?

Mine were filled with bike rides. Swimming pools and popcicles. Hanging out with friends at the playground.

And yearly summer vacations to the seaside or national landmarks.

As you start to think about your summer vacation with the kids, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Plan Ahead!  Whether its camping, a cross-country trek in an RV, a family trip to the seaside, or a trip to your favorite theme park, you want to make sure that you plan ahead. Do your homework about your chosen destination and make reservations ahead of time. Some times putting down a small deposit on your vacation will hold your spot; people who wait until the last minute can often find that there are no rooms available at your chosen destination.
  2. Get your kids involved with the planning stages!  When my family starts to think about a family vacation, we call a Family Planning Meeting. Even though our kids are 10, 8, and 7 years old, we discuss a few possible vacation spots and let them have a say in our final chosen destination. Then as we plan out our vacation days, we get the kids to help with the research about local attractions and things to do. We check out the area's restaurants and their posted online menus, so that the kids know that there is enough choices for even our pickiest eater.
  3. Budget!  While a small deposit can hold your spot, you'll also want to start budgeting for your summer vacation. (Even all-inclusive resorts will have a few more expenses that you think.)  While the adults start a vacation fund that covers gas, food, flights, resort fees, or whatever, get the kids thinking about their own spending money jar. Extra chores now can mean more spending money for treats and souvenirs on your summer vacation.

As you begin to plan your summer vacation, be sure to call your travel agent. Magical Storybook Travels can assist you in planning you next family journey together.