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Long Summer Days

Nicole Thibault

Ready or not, here is it!  Summer vacation!

Kids are off from school and I find that there are usually two schools of thought when it comes to Summer Break: 1) I love those long lazy summer days with the kids, hanging out in the back yard, taking day trips to the Zoo or the Museum, and 2) OMG, what will we do with the kids for x-number of days until school starts again?

I personally fall somewhere in between.

I start the summer off with loads of enthusiasm, mapping out educations trips to see local sites, going here and there without having to worry about homework and time constraints due to sports practices or clarinet lessons or whatnot. The freedom from the rigors of the school year make me giddy with the possibilities of activities with the kids.

This attitude usually lasts until August.

Then the kids have spent waaay too much time with each other. They start turning on each other, and me. I tire from being a constant cruise director of activities. My husband comes home from work and I look like I've been through a tornado, with sweat dripping from my brow and the crazy-eyes look on my face. "Take them," I say, as I call for a pizza, because I can't make one more personalized meal that day.

This is why getting away for an actual SUMMER VACATION is such a great idea. You don't have to worry about taking the kids out of school while you're gone, and you're free to schedule it when you'd like. Vacations in the summer take you and the kids out of that home familiarity, that routine -- As a family. It's such a bonding experience. A learning experience.

Before you know it, the kids are grown up and starting lives of their own. Those summer vacations are memories that will last a lifetime.