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76 Waterford Way
Fairport, NY, 14450
United States



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Winter Blues

Nicole Thibault

Now that the holidays are over, the Winter Blues will really start to set in.  Grey skies. Grey clouds. White snow. Night-time darkness by 4:45 p.m. every day. These conditions can get anyone down.

It's no wonder retired people snowbird for the winter months. People needs sunshine, colors, and warmth on their skin.

When I'm feeling particularly blue about the snow storms raging outside, I love to plan my next warm-weather trip. Even just thinking about getting away from the blizzards outside makes me feel a little better.

Why not call me and chat about the possibilities of your next magical vacation? I'm at 585-880-6951. Let's discuss where you and your family would like to spend your Spring 2015 vacation.