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Why use a Travel Agency?

Nicole Thibault

With so many destinations offering travelers the ability to book their vacations themselves online, why should anyone use a Travel Agency these days?

There are tons of reasons!

1) Most travel agencies. like Magical Storybook Travels, don't charge a fee for services if the vacation is booked through the agency. Your vacation costs the exact same as it does on the destination's website. For example, if you book a vacation through, your vacation may cost $3,235,89. If you book through Magical Storybook Travels, you vacation costs $3,235.89. It's the same price! But by booking through our agency, you get all sorts of time and money saving services, all included in the cost of your trip.

2) Say you book a vacation through a destination's website, and after the fact, a great deal comes out, offering a 25% savings on stays at your resort. Do you think the resort will call you to alert you that you can now save hundreds of dollars? Do you think they will calculate the savings and make sure your account has been credited with that savings? No. They won't. But Magical Storybook Travels does that! We are always on alert for the deals offered by destination resorts, and we check to make see if they can be applied to our client's vacations. If we can save you some money, we are happy to assist you in getting that credited back to your account! That's our job!

3) For some destinations, getting an advance dining reservation can be extremely important. You have a favorite restaurant and love going there every time to travel. But this time, the restaurant is completely booked. No chance of getting in. Let Magical Storybook Travels know your restaurant of choice and the dates of your travel. We can watch the reservation cancellation list, and try to get you and your family into your favorite restaurant.

4) Speaking of restaurants, are you in need of some recommendations on where to make dining reservations? Not sure where you and your family can share a special meal? Looking for the best value? A dinner show that will entertain your whole family? Have a picky eater? Let us help you find a place that will be appetizing for everyone in your travel party.

5) Some destinations have many things with which to be familiar.... Magic Bands. Fast passes. Magic Hours. Base pass vs. Park Hopper pass. Park-to-Park pass vs. Day pass. Early Park Admission. Universal Express Unlimited Ride Access. Meal Plans. All of this can be overwhelming to understand, plan, and book. Why not talk with someone who can explain the pros and cons of these options, so you can make an informed decision for your family? Magical Storybook Travels can walk you through all of these during the investigation, booking and planning phases of your next trip.

So why not use a travel agency like Magical Storybook Travels? It costs you no more that you're going to pay for your vacation anyway, and you get so many benefits to enhance your family vacation!